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1000 WATT amp



The 1K watt FM-1000WA

The FM-1000WA  is a wideband FM broadcast amplifier that will produce 1000 watts power in uninterrupted service 24 hours a day, with the greatest security, thanks to the technical solutions employed which are very reliable.  No tuning of the input is required due to the wideband input stage of the amplifier. Only 16 watts is required to produce the full 1000 watts output! The use of micro-strip technology and push-pull mosfets along with a simple structure dramatically increases reliability.

This amplifier has SWR and thermal protection which protects the amplifier in the case a mismatch or defective cooling system, reducing or eliminating down time.  Front panel LED's permit monitoring of SWR, thermal and current drain problems.  In other words this amplifier is very well protected!  A recommended driver for this unit would be one of the 20 watt units below.


Service continuous 24 hrs Operating temp. -20 to +50 C 
Input connector Type SMA Output connector 7/16"
Semiconductors Mosfets Power gain 18 db
Harmonics -18 dbc Input impedance 50 ohms
Output impedance 50 ohms Input drive 0 to 20 watts max.
Output power 0 to 1000 watts Bandwidth 87.5 MHz to 108 MHz
Dimensions 12 X 7.9 X 4.3 Power requirements 48 volts @ 36 amps



Price list
FM-1000WA adjustable output 0 to 1000 watt amplifier $3350US
2XICT24024-40 48 volt power supply rated at 40amps $1759US
Used Power Supply 48 volt, 40 amp power supply $650US



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