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1000W  FM Amp



By DB Electronica

The KA 1000 amplifier can work with full power in uninterrupted service 24 hours a day, with the greatest security, thanks to the technical solutions employed which are very reliable. Only 20 watts input drive are required to produce the full 1000 watts output! The use of a single electron tube has permitted to construct a device with a simple structure which is easy to adjust and strong. A long life tube is used which is mechanically and termally very strong.

Electronic protection circuits are used to protect the tube from accidental events such as load disjunctions, ventilation system fault or over driving. Front panel meters permit monitoring of SWR, power and current. No tuning of the input is required due to the wideband input stage of the amplifier. An air filtered cooling system is used which permits use even in dusty places, reducing the occurrence of ordinary maintenance.



Service continuous 24 hrs Operating temp. -15 to +40 C
Input connector Type N Output connector LC or EIA 7/8"
Tube EIMAC 3CX800A7 Power gain 17.4 db
Harmonics -68 db Input impedance 50 ohms
Output impedance 50 ohms Input drive 0 to 20 watts
Output power 0 to 1000 watts Bandwidth 87.5 MHz to 108 MHz
Dimensions 545 X 620 X 490 Weight 45 Kg
Power requirements 110/220 VAC  


Price list

KA 1000 adjustable output 0 to 1000 watt amplifier $8975US


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