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100 Watt amp



The Model 2100 RF Power Amplifier

By Progressive Concepts


The model 2100 amplifier produces output power up to 110 watts and is tunable between 75 and 110 MHz.  This unit amplifies both stereo and mono signals utilizing a signal sided +24 to 28 volt power supply which is not included with the kits or assembled units.  The plans for these amplifiers include full size forward and reverse image PC board artwork, complete assembly instructions.  An excellent companion for the model 525 RF amplifier.



Output power 

70 to 110  Watts

Input drive level

10- 15 Watts 

Overall gain

9 dB

Input/Output impedance

50 ohms

Frequency range 

75-110 MHz

Spurious output


Power requirements

24 to 28 VDC @ 6A

PC board size

4 1/2" x 3 1/2"

Enclosure dimensions

6" x 7" x 3"


Price list

Partial Kit $219.95 US 2 Manual, PC board. and electronic parts.
Complete Kit $325.95 US 4 Manual, PC board, electronic parts and enclosure.
Assembled $459.95 US 4 Factory assembled and ready to use.



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