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150W Amps



The FM-150WA Broadcast Amp 88-108 MHz

The FM-150WA is the top unit in the photo.  The unit on the bottom is a 350 Milliwatt exciter.

If you have your own transmitter and don't have enough juice to get your signal out this may be the amplifier for you. We offer this amp in three versions. Version 1 allows you to run the amp with only 10 milliwatts input drive. The second version requires around 1/2 watt and the third requires around 15 watts input drive. 

The version 1 and two units come with a variable power control. The 3rd version does not have the variable power control since it's output level is dependant on the input drive stage. A well regulated 28 volt power supply is required for this unit. Both input and output connectors are UHF type, unless otherwise specified. The unit has a large fan directly mounted on the top of the heat sink for excellent cooling.


Price list  
FM-150WA-1 for transmitters under 300 mW's $740US
FM-150WA-2 for transmitters 300 mW to 500 mW $645US
FM-150WA-3 for transmitters 15 to 20 watts $510US


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