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20W Amps



The FM-20WA Broadcast Amp 88-108 MHz

The FM-20WA comes in two versions.  The unit pictured is with the variable power control and version 2, our lower cost unit without the variable power control installed. These amps can be set up to match your existing transmitter output. 

These amps were designed to work with our FMS2 exciter which puts out approximately 350 milliwatts. If your transmitter output is less than this the power output will be reduced unless you order our pre-driver board. Our pre-driver board will work with a signal as low as 10 milliwatts and produce the required 350 milliwatts to drive the output amplifier. If your transmitter puts out more than this we simply install a resistive attenuator network to match level requirements. 

The input and output connectors on the rear panel are both BNC unless otherwise requested. Both units require a regulated 12 volt power supply rated at 3 amps.



Price list  
FM-20WA 20 watt amplifier with power control $275US
FM-20WA2 20 watt amplifier without power control $255US
Pre-driver option required for low level transmitters $95US
Power supply regulated 16 volt, 4 amps $55US


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