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20W Transmitter



By DB Electronica

This single box transmitter and encoder joins in one very compact box (19", 2 units) the features of the PE 20 and the ones of a well tested stereophonic encoder. The result is a reliable set with a very small encumbrance, that can satisfy the requirements of most broadcasting stations.

Due to the Digital Phase Locked Loop, very high frequency stability is maintained. Short and long term stability is secured by a temperature controlled crystal. The front panel led bars permit monitoring of both input channels, output power and the signal deviation. An internal low-pass filter assures an output with a pure spectrum, with no need for adjustments



Bandwidth 87.5 to 108 MHz Channel resolution 10 KHz
Audio response 20 Hz to 15 KHz Audio impedance >22 K ohms
Audio input level +8 or -12 dbm Signal to noise 68 db
Pilot frequency 19 KHz crystal Stereo separation >45 db
Distortion <0.15% at 1Khz Drift <700 Hz at 6 months
Output impedance 50 ohms RF output power 0 to 20 watts
Spurious output -90 db or more Power  110/220 volts AC
Dimensions 483 X 90 X 410


Price list

PE 20/S  variable power 20 watt stereo transmitter $2950US



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