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28 V  DC Supply



The Astron 28 Volt Linear Supply

If you are using our 250 watt systems then you will need the LS-25A, since it can source 18 amps continuous or 25 amps surge current. Both units are fully regulated and feature fold-back current limiting that protects the power supply from excessive current and continuous shorted output. 

They also feature crowbar over voltage protection and low ripple output at low line input voltage.  The LS-10A will supply 8 amps continuous or 10 amps surge. This is a good unit for our 150 watt transmitters and amplifiers which require 28 volts DC. 


Price list

LS-10A 28 volt, 8 amp supply, 120 volts input 


LS-25A 28 volt, 18 amp supply, 120 volts input 




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