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250 W Amp



The FM-250WA Broadcast Amp 87.5-107.9 Mhz

Our 250 watt amplifier is the top unit in the photo and is offered in 3 versions. Version 1 allows you to run the amp with only 10 milliwatts input drive. The 2nd version requires around 1/2 watt. 

The version 1 and 2 units come with a variable power control. Version 3 is a wideband no tune design and requires aproximately 1/2 watt input drive.

A well regulated 28 volt power supply rated at 18 amps is required for this unit. Both input and output connectors are "UHF" type, unless otherwise specified. A large fan is mounted directly on the heat sink for excellent cooling!


Price list  
FM-250WA-1 for transmitters under 300 mW's $1525US
FM-250WA-2 for transmitters 300 mW to 500 mW $1450US
FM-250WA-3 wideband amp for 300 mW to 500 mW $1740US
1000 Watt lowpass filter attenuates possible harmonics $399.95US


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