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Cavity Filters




The model FM-CAV-S and FM-CAV-D are single and duel cavity band-pass filters. The outside diameter of these filters is 10" and are approximately 1/4 wavelength. The end plates and outer conductor are constructed of aluminum and heliar welded for improved conductivity. Coupling loops and cavity center conductor are made of copper/brass. 

The tuning rod is made of Invar. Quality materials are used throughout the cavity to assure top performance and long life. Adjustable selectivity is provided by the adjustable coupling loops on the front of each cavity. The loops can be turned to positions corresponding to an overall insertion loss of 1/2 db, 1 db or 2 db for each cavity. An increase in insertion loss will result in increased selectivity response. When ordering please indicate frequency and the type of connector preferred.


Price list

FM-CAV-S single cavity filter $495US
FM-CAV-D dual cavity filter $925US



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