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Stereo Generator



By DB Electronica

First of a new digital stereo coders revolutionary generation, Mozart gives you a composite stereo signal with the top audio quality, fit for the high-end characteristics of new analog and digital mixing consoles. The new MSC trade mark, digital coding system, with automatic correction of symmetry error permits to produce a high precision MPX signal, with non measurable intermodulations and spurious in/outside the band. In this way the audio quality obtained is by far much higher than in the traditional stereo coders. 

The stereo separation in the older systems depended on frequency but with this unit is kept constant in the whole band. A stereo separation of 65 db or more is obtained across the 20 Hz to 15 Khz audio spectrum! Thanks to the MSC system, the typical switching noise of the 19 Khz carrier is greatly reduced for a better spectral clearness of the composite signal. Besides, high selectivity elliptical channel filters are used for top S/N ratio. The result is a no hiss hearing, for top quality audio!



Audio response 30 Hz to 15 KHz input impedance 600 ohms
Audio input level -8 or +10 dbm Signal to noise 80 db
Pilot frequency 19 Khz crystal Stereo separation 65 db
Distortion 0.05 % at 1Khz Pre-emphasis 50/75 uS
Output impedance <50 ohms MPX output level -8 or +10 dbm
Pilot-tone stability 0.001% Bandwidth 53 to 100 KHz
Dimensions 19" 1U Weight 3.6 Kg
Power requirements 110/220 VAC


Price list

Mozart digital stereo encoder $2395US


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