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The FM-150W Stereo Transmitter

Our 150 watt machine will give you the range to cover most major cities! Variable power control lets you roll back the power to suit your needs. This unit includes our synthesized FMS2 exciter, that can be set to any frequency in the 87.5 MHz to 107.9 MHz range.  

Fast lock on circuitry will ensure you're on channel right away! A audio compressor/limiter and ALC are offered as an option. The audio compressor/limiter stage is highly recommended if you are using live vocals or if you don't have an external compressor limiter. The ALC could be useful for live air phone ins or other audio sources where the levels change from time to time.

We offer this unit in both mono or Stereo and recommend using an external roll off filter or high Q band-pass cavity filter. A large fan is mounted on the heat sink to provide excellent cooling and long life.  The power supply listed below will supply well regulated DC, to get you on the air in minutes!


Price List  
FM-150WS 150 watt stereo transmitter $985US
FM-150WM 150 watt mono transmitter $915US
Compressor/limiter and ALC optional $125US

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