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The FM-20W Stereo Transmitter

For those of you who are interested in starting a local radio station and want to cover a fair distance you have come to the right place. Used with a comet antenna we have had reports of customers getting over 40 miles range. 

Of course this will depend a great deal on your local terrain and the height of the antenna.  This unit is built using our FMS2 synthesized exciter which requires no tuning except for the output amplifier, which can be factory tuned for to you. The frequency range is 87.5 MHz to 107.9 MHz and is programmed using the internal 12 position dip switch. The channel resolution is 100 KHz and will lock on almost instantly! We offer the unit in Mono or Stereo and a display version if desired. A 16 volt power supply is required to produce 20 watts output. We offer a very well regulated 16 volt power supply for $55US.


Price List  
FM-20WS 20 watt stereo transmitter $495US
FM-20WM 20 watt mono transmitter $445US

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