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The FM-60   350 milliwatt Message Broadcaster

Our FM-60 unit is a fully loaded FM message broadcaster. This unit is great for sales advertising and can transmit a high quality one minute voice message to your potential customer up to one mile away!  The frequency can be set from 87.5 MHz to 107.9 MHz.

The unit will retain your voice message for up to 100 years even if turned off. Messages can be looped and re-recorded if required. User friendly front panel control allow easy setting to any FM frequency. If more range is required an additional RF amplifier can be ordered.

We also offer several different versions of the FM-60 . These are the FM-SD , FM-MD , FM-S and FM-M . These units do not have message recording capabilities like the FM-60, since they are intended to be used with an external audio source such as a CD or cassette player.


Price list  
FM-60 Message Broadcaster $595US
FM-SD Stereo transmitter with display $465US
FM-MD Mono transmitter with display $400US
FM-S Stereo transmitter without display $350US
FM-M Mono transmitter without display $285US

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