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FM transmitter



FMS2 Synthesized FM Stereo Transmitter

Wavemach's FMS2 is a dual crystal controlled FM broadcast transmitter with excellent stability! It is fully synthesized and locks on channel almost instantly because of it's fast locking circuitry. Channels are selected by the on board dip switch and can be set anywhere from 75 MHz to 125 MHz , with a resolution of 100 KHz channel spacing.

Applications include: Laboratory oscillator, Cable modulator, Low power radio station, Church and drive-in sound transmitter, mobile to mobile full duplex hands free communicator, security sound monitor and even a cable-free link between sound board and stage performer.



Bandwidth 75 to 125 MHz Channel resolution 100 KHz
Audio response 20 Hz to 20 KHz Audio impedance 100 K ohms
Audio input level 100 mV RMS Signal to noise -65 db
Pilot frequency 19 KHz crystal Stereo separation 40 db
Distortion <0.2% @ 1 KHz Drift <200 Hz
Output impedance 50 to 75 ohms RF output power 500 mW
Spurious output -55 db or more Power requirements 12 volts @ 500 mA
Board size 5" X 6.25"        




Price list

FMS2 stereo transmitter kit $195US
FMS2 mono transmitter kit  $150US
FMS2 assembled stereo transmitter  $295US
FMS2 assembled mono transmitter  $245US


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