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wideband antenna



The P1N 2.15 dbi Omni-directional Broadcast Antenna

The P1N is a dipole antenna that can be used as a single bay or multiple bay antenna system for increased signal gain. It is constructed of light weight anticorodal materials that can stand up to harsh environments. Using a single bay system the power handling capacity is 800 watts with a gain of 2.15 dbi. A system with 2 bays can handle 1600 watts and produces a gain of 5.10 dbi.

The radiation pattern is omni-directional which permits excellent area coverage. Each additional bay will increase the gain and will also increase the power handling capacity by 800 watts. A female "N" connector is used on the antenna to ensure maximum power transfer. The length of the antenna is 84 cm with a height of 142 cm and thickness is 6 cm. Tuning range will cover the entire broadcast band. Multiple bay systems include the interconnecting coupling harness.


P1N Price List
1 Bay  Gain = 2.15 dbi $575US
2 Bay  Gain = 5.10 dbi $1480US
3 Bay  Gain = 6.85 dbi $2075US
4 Bay  Gain = 8.12 dbi $2795US



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