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Bandpass Filter




If you are having problems with your existing exciter generating in band spurs, or if you just want the cleanest signal, this little filter could be your answer! The FM-FIL, filter is a high Q band-pass filter that can be factory tuned for 2 MHz bandwidth. 

If you want you can tune it yourself using the 10 turn precision caps and the internal coupling cap to obtain as low as 500 KHz bandwidth! We normally don't tune them this sharp since there is a 6 db insertion loss at this band-width. The insertion loss with the 2 MHz bandwidth is approximately 3 db. We designed this filter to work with any 50 ohm transmitter system up to 1/2 watt. To give the best performance the antenna should have low SWR

After connecting this filter between your exciter and amplifier you may find that your amplifier is also producing its own harmonics. If this is the case you may also want to invest in a low-pass or better yet a cavity filter. Please specify your frequency when ordering the FM-FIL


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FM-FIL Tunable band-pass filter 




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