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sirio 1/4 wave



Sirio 1/4 wave antenna

The Sirio 1/4 wave ground plane antenna is a great base station antenna. This antenna is tuned by means of the tuning diagram enclosed. It is entirely made of non corrosive aluminum and assembled on a strong die-cast base which allows an easy and safe installation assuring very good performance. 


The connection at the base of the antenna is a "female UHF" type connector. Frequency range is 80 MHz to 110 MHz with a 6 MHz bandwidth, while power handling is up to 500 watts! The approximate length is 5 feet and weight is about 500 grams. A 78 miles/hr wind can be tolerated without any problem! The Sirio is designed to match any 50 ohm broadcast transmitter up to 500 watts.


Price list

Sirio 1/4 wave antenna  $95US



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